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^ xeox 

OF A ^rrABJihf 




A very small percentage of people may experience a seizure wtien exposed to certain visual 

images. incltidinQ flashing lights or patterns that may appear in video games. F.ven people who 

have no history of seizures or epilepsy may have an undiagnosed condiUon that c^n cause 

these "photosensitive epileptic seizures" while watching video games. 

These seizures may have a variety oF symptoms including: lightheadedness, aftered vision, eye or 

face tvrttching. jerking or shaking of arms or legs, disorientation, confusion, or momentary loss 

of awareness. Seizures may also c^use bss of consciousness or convulsions that can kfad to 

injury Irom falling down or striking nearby objeos. 

Immediately .^Lop plaving and ccnsult a doctor if you ejcperience any of these symptoms. 

Parents should watcfi for or ask their children about the above symptoms— chiklren and 

teenagf-rs are more likely than adults to experience these seizures. 

Ihe risk of phoLoscnsitive epilepdc seizures may be reduced by sitting \\u Llift Fiom tine 

television screen, using a smaller television screen, playing in a well-iit rcwm. and not playing 

when you are drowsy or fatigued. 

If you or any of your relatives fiave a history of seizures or epilepsy, consul: a doctor before 



The Xbox video game system Axumeniation contains important safety and health information 
that you should read and urKierstand before using this softv^are. 

AVOIO rSAW ACi' TO VoUli Tfi.t^v.tsioiv 

Do not. use with certain cefevj.sions. Some tcHevisions, especially front- or rear- projection types, 
can be damaged if any video games, including Xbox games, are played on them. Static images 
presented during the normal course of game play may "bum in" to the screen, causing a 
permanent shadow of the static image to appear at aft dmes. even when video games are not 
being played. Similar damage may occur from static images created when placing a video game 
on hold or pause. Qinsalt. your television owners manual to determine if video games can be 
safely played on your set. If you are unable to find this information in the owner's manual, 
contact your television dealer or the manufacturer to detjermine if video games can be played 
on your set. 

Urvauthorized copying, reverse engineering, transmission, public performance, rental, pay for 
play, or circumvention of copy protection is strictly prohibited. 

[his produCT has been ratcxl by the EnEertainment Soflvvare Rating Boatd. For infor-mation about 
tJne fSR8 rating, or to comment about the appropriateness of the raUng, ptease contaa the 
ESRB at 1-600 771 3772. 

NoDe: For more on the EA GAMES* range of Hatrv Potter video games, visit 
WW w.harrypotter.ea. com 

VIDEO cjKJSAi: sYsTi:iv^ 

Disc tray 

Eject button 

Controlter port 4 
- CtMitroller port 3 

Cofitroller port 1 — 
Contridter |>ort 2 

1. Set up your Xboxi© video game system by Fottowinq ihe instmcnions in tJie Xtox Instruction 

2. Press the power button and the status tndicator light will light up. 

3. Press the eject button and the disc tray will open. 

4. Place the Hany Pouer and the Prisoner ofAzkabat} disc on the disc irav with the label racing 
up and ctose the disc tray. 

5. Follow on-screen instructions and refer to this manual for more informacion about playing 
Harry Poaer and the Prisoner (fAzkaban. 

AVoioiNfc; oj\.i\^ ACT TO I3TSCS OR tt4i: oisc z>nivr 
To avoid damage to discs or die disc drive: 

Insert onl> Xbox-compatiblc discs into the disc drive. 
Never use oddly shaped discs, such as star-shaped or heart-shaped discs. 
Do not leave a disc in the Xbox console for extended periods when not in use. 
Do not move the Xbox consoie while ihe ptwer is on arxl a disc is inserted. 
Do not appiy labels, stickers, cwr other foreign objects to discs. 


Expansion slot A Expansion slot B 

Right trigger 

Left thumbstick 

BACK button 
START button 

Left trigger 

Directional pad Right thumbstick 

1. Connect the Xbox Ccwitrciller into any controller port on the front ot the Xbox console. For 
miildple piayers. insert additional controtiers. 

2. Insert any expansion devices (for exartrple. Xbox Vtemory Units) into controller expansion 
sfots as appropriate. 

3. Follow- on-screen instructions and refer to this manuai for more information about uang the 
.Xbox Controller to play Harry Potter and die Prisoner ofAjkaban. 

T IV ^ liO O UCTlOlSr 

After a dreadrul summer with the Durslev-s. Harry ftiUer can't wait to scare his third vcar 
at lli^gwarts Scha?l oF Witchcraft and Wizardry. Evients cake a scranqe cum. however, when 
Harry discovers thai Sirius Black, c^1e man believed Co have betrayed Hairy 's parents and thus 
responsible for chetr murders, has escaped from chc wizard prison Azkaban. 
Black appears to be seeking revenge on Harry for chwardnq "You Know- Who", while ihe 
Demencors. .Azkaban prison guards sent to Hogwans Co procecc che school and recapture 
Black. afTea Harry in a disturbing way. VVlch che help of Ron and Hermione. Harry is intent on 
unraveling che mystery surrounding Sinus Biack and his escape from .Azkaban. 

/V^'V CON TIiOI.5 

Highiight menu option 


SeleCT highlighted option/ 

complete action/coggle option secting 


Adjusc selected option 


Go back/cancel 


Move character 


Cast spells luheri assigned! 


Action Button (context sensitive,* 

© (the function of this button changes as 
vou get close to objects and people) 

Character swap 


Center \ iew behind charaaer/ 
targeCing bucton (change cargets) 

Q (puti repeatedly to cycte through targets) 

lake a closer look/sneak-a-peak 
in 'sneak' mt>de 


Camera look around' 


Pause game/ in -game opcions 


Open ln\encor>. map. cask and quest screens 


Call companion 





Fiap wings 


NEW CAMF Highlight and press O to begin your adventure. 

LOAD CAMt Highlight and press Q to condnue a previously saved adventure. 

BONUS ACTIMTIES Play unlocbfd Mini-Games and access special features. 

OPriONS Adjust a variety' of game settings (see Options on p. 10). 

Active companion 
-■■' control indicacor 

Note: For details on assigning spells and items to buttons, see Imenrory Ofi p. 9. 


This adventure is Harr> s most difficult yet - s<"> he'll need all the help 
that Ron and Hermione can give him. 

Each companion has special abilities, skitb and spells drat may be 
used to carry out tasks and solve puzzles, ff one companion cannot 
complete a task or puzzle, try swapping to other companions and see 
if they're more successful (they may tell you that they can help!). 





Harry Potter, "the btiy w+io lived", survived an 
attack by the dark wizard. Lord Voidemort. Harry's 
athletic fffowess is useful when it comes to 
climbing and jumping gaps. 

liojsr wiAStrV 

Tlie sixth of Arthur and Moily Weaslcy's children 
DO attend Hogwaris and a (oval friend to Harr>'. 
Ron's curiosity matees htm a natural explorer and 
he c&n find passages that others might miss. In 
addition, item's fondness for items from Zonko's. 
the magical ioke shc^. means he's an expert with 
sunk Pellets and more! 

Hermione s bravery and tnLciligcnce can prove 
invaluabte. She is a gifted spefl- caster and 
mecicutous with her studies - both of which can 
help in a variety of ways. Hermione is also nimble 
and agik? when it comes to treading where others 
mav be less able. 


- Mow-' O fylly in the direction of travel for swifter progress. 

* Half-moive ^ to tt^ve) at a slower, walking pace. 

• Push up against certain walls to Wall Sneak" (creep along walls and ledges quietly). 

- To step away from a wall, press ©. 

nSfTEU ACTi Nc; WITH THE V\roiii;D 

■ Vtove in close to pe(.iple and objects to see if you can intefact with them. If you cau. ihe on- 
screen Action Button iQ ) teits you what to do. 

• Approach and explore unfamiliar objects - this can be extremely useful in your adventure. 

• You can push and pull heavy objects to clear the way. or use them to help you climb. 

Note: Remember, some items may be too hea^y for one companion to move. You might 
need to call one of the other companions to help using the Call Companion Button (^9 ). 


When t'd'ery door you've tried is locked and cupboards contain no vital ctues. sometimes the 

only way out of a situation is to climb... 

- Harry can climb up and ctown chains. Press the Action Button (0 ) to make him take hold of 

• Skawly walk towards a ledge in onJer to hang from it, 

- To drop from a kxige (when hanging from it), press O 

■ To climb up onto a iedge w+jen hanging from it, move 9 ♦ 

• To ieap across a chasm, run Harry towards it ( his athletic ability allows him to leap across 
chasms that the others cannot ctear). 

Nott: There are a number of different ways to explore. Watch the on-screen Action Button 
(© ) as you step up to wafls. doors and oti>er objects. 

Note: Some spells are alread\ knowfi b> all the compjs 
at Hocjwarts. 

■ others must be learned 







Knocks objects and creaLures backwards. 

Duelling spell used to disarm an opponent. 

^^ Carpe Retractum Harry can use this spell do pult objects, and to pull himself 

toward objects- 

Hermione can use this spell to cransHgure Drai.oniFo?3 
dragon statues. 

Expeao Patronum Harry can use this protecdve charm Lo fend off Dementors. 

This highly advanced magic is wed beyond Ordinar> 

Wlzarding level. 
Glacius Hermione cart use this spell to freeze water, create ice blocks 

and defend against certain creatures. 

i Duo Ron can use this wand -lighting charm. 

Hermione can use this mending charm to repair damaged 

ClAiiTlJVjC 3PrH-S 

Note: BePore ycxi can cast a sfjell, you need to assign it Lo a controller button. See Inventory 

on p. 9 for informaUon on how to assign spells. 
To Aim a Spell 

1. Face Che desired target then pull and hold Q. If you can aim at the target, a sparkling 
indicator appears around it. 

2. .^s soon as you've aimed, press the chosen Spell Button and the spell is cast. 
• Press Q to cry to dodge projectiles or spells while targeting. 

Note Keep |3 pulled until you cast the spell or you may miss the target! 


If you encounter mulUple opponents, you can target each of them In turn. Pull |3 repeatedly 
to cycle through potential targets. 

svcczEL^i Mc iisr Tiir smi ch mltt^cxs 

In each Spell Challenge there are a number of Challenge .Shields to find. Finding all of these 
Shields helps you achieve the highest possible marks. 

IN veivtorV 

Move dmong ihc sections of the Invencorv 


Highlight item 

Select highlighted optic»i/ com piece atxion/ 
close book 


Assign the highlighted spell or item 


Open/rlose lnvenLor\ 


The spells Harry, Rc«i and Hermione have learned and the items they tiave found are strred in 
the Inventory. Go there to assign ii:ems and spells to © or © . 
Note: Press © to cycle through the Invents 'er. 

To Equip a Spelt or Item: 

1. Highlight the spell or item you want to equip, then press Q or O . 

2. When you return to the game, the item or spell is assigned to the selected button. Its 
symbol appears on the CHi-scneen controller. 

3. Press the relevant button to cast tlte spell or use the item. 

Mote: For more infbnnatiGn about the spells, see Spells and Charms on p. 8. 

In order to progress through the game. Harry. Ron and Hermione must all complete certain 
casks. Check this iisi regularly, day and night, to keep your adventure on track Remember that 
the companions need their rest, so make sure they get a good night's sleep each night. The 
Sleep Icon Rashes up on thie screen wiien it's time Lo end the day, Co to the Task screen and 
select the Sleep Button. 

ITie Quests section ^xjws all the items that the companions have found. Here you can check 
your coliector's cards, see what items have been tolleaed and find out the current CryfTrndor 
house points total. 

Collector's cards detail the feimous (and infamous) characters and creaiLJres 
From magical history and are hugety popular with young wizards-in-craining. 
You can find collector's cards around HogvvarLs. or you can buy them from 
Fred and George's shop on the sixth fltxir f>f Hcvgwarts. They can tfien be 
stored in the foBo Unrversitas 


The Folio Brutj contains valuabte information Harry, Iton and Hermione have c.oHecced about 
magical creatures. Inlbrmation is added when you find loose pages around Hogvvarts. Check 
here For clues on how to deFeat magical creatures. 


Lcx)k fiere fbr a record of how the companions have done in their Challenges. 

There are some interesting statues around the school that Hermione may be interested in. 

Consult the maps section in the Inventory if you lose your bearings. Vou 
can only consult a map of the area that the companions are currently in 


Press O to pause the game and open tiw Pause menu, 

RESUMt CAME Return to current game. 

SAVE G-VMF Sai.'e current game (see Saving and Loading beiow). 

OPTIONS Adjust game options (see Oprrons bebvv). 

QUIT GAME Quit current game. 


You can select gartie options Fiom the Main menu or the Pause menu. 

Note: Default options appear in bold Font in this manuaL 
ELYI\C CONTROL Switch between NORMAL and REWRSC. In isiORMAL mode move O^t 

to fly down and move 0# ta Oy up. RB'ERSF is the opposite. 
VIBRATION Switch Vibration ON/OFF. 

SUOTITLf-S Switch on-screen text ON /OFF. 


Life at Hogwart-S Lsnt alt work - there are ewciting aoivrties too. To have some fun. selea 
BONUS ACTIVITIES From the Main menu. These include the Duefting Club. Owl Racing and 
HippogrifF Flight Chaiienge. Bonus Actjvities may not be a\ailable until you have unlocked them. 

SaVtistg a^vd ioadtistG 

Saving a Came 

1. Press O during a game and highlight SAVE G\N'*E. then press O • 

2. Highlight the slot you want U> save your game to and press Q , 

• IF there are no empty slots, you must highlight an old saved game and save your new game 
in its place. IF you are sure you want to overwrite the old game, highlight YES and press . 

3. The game is saved. Press @ to go back to the previous menu and then O to condnue. 

Note: IF you exit Hairg Potter and the Prisoner of 
Azkaban witiiouL saving, you lose all progress ^■._ . 

made during that session. *^-^ 

Loading a Came 

Note: You can only load a saved game from the Main menu. 

1. Highlight LOAD GAME from the Main menu and press ©. 

2. Highlight ihe slot that your saved game is in and press ©. 

3. TTie game loads to the last save point before you saved. 


ElectrtMiic Arcs watxancs to the original purchaser oF this product that the recording medium on 
which the software programfsl are recorded (the "Recording Medium") and Lhc documentation 
that is included with this product (the "Manual") are free from defects in materiais and 
workmanship for a p<^riod of 90 days from the date of purcliase. ff the Recording \\cdium 
or the Manual is found Co be defective within 90 days from the date of purchase. fJectronic 
Arts agrees to replace the Recording Medium or Manual free of charge upon receipc of the 
Recording A4edium or Manual ac ics service cencer. postage paid, with proof of purchase. Tiiis 
warranty is limited w xhe Recording Medium containing the software program and the Manual 
chac were originaily provided by Electronic Arts. This warranty shall rrot be applicable and shall 
be void if. in the judgment of tiectrontc Arts, the defect has arisen throtigh abuse, mistreatment 
Of neglea. 

Tfiis limited warranty is in lieu of all otiier warranties, whetfier oral or written, express or 
implied, including any warranty of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose, and no 
other representation of any nature shall be binding on or obligaie Electronic Arts. If any such 
warranties are Incapable of exclusion, then such warranties applicable to Chis product, including 
implied warranties of mercfiantability and fitness for a particutar purpose, are limited to the 90- 
day period described above. In no event will Electronic Arts be liable for any s|3edal. incidental, 
or ccnseguencial damages resulting from possesion, use or malfunctiijn of this Electronic 
Arts prodixt. including darriage to propertv. arKi to the extent permicced by law. damages for 
persOTial injury, even if Bearonic Arts has been advised of che possibilicy of such damages. 
Some scaces do noc allow limication as Co how long an implied warranty lasts and/or exclusions 
or limitaticm of Incidental or conseguential damages so the above limitadons and/or exclusion 
of liability may not apply to you. in such jurisdictions, cfie Electronic Arts' liability sfiall be 
limited to the fullest extent permitted bv' law. This warranty gives you specific rights. You may 
also have ocfier rights that vary from state to state. 


Rease return the fM^oduct along with (I) a copy of the original sales receipt, showing the date 
of purchase. (2) a brief description of the difficult^' you arc experiencing and (3) your name, 
address and prfione number to the address below and Electronic Arts will mail a replacement. 
Recording Medium and/or Manual to you. If the product was damaged through misiise or 
accident, this 90 -day warranty is rendered void and you will need CD follow the instriKtions for 
returns after the 90 -day warranty period. We strongly recommend that you send your produa 
using a traceable delivery method. Electronic Arts is not respornsible for produCTs not in iLs 

lll'l.' trilNr.S AfT¥Ii TI-IE go-OAV VVARIiANTV rmioo 

If the defect in the Recording .Viedium or Manual resulted from alMJse. )Tiistreatmenl or neglea. 
or If the tecording \'4ttljum or \1anLial is found to be defeaive after 90 days from che date of 
purchase, please recum the prcxiua alor>g with (!) a check or money order for $15.00 made 
payable Co Electronic Arts. (2) a brief description of che difficulty you are experiencing and (3) 
your name, address and plione number Co the address below, and Electronic Arts will mail a 
replacement ReconJing NteJjum and/or fvtanual to you. We strongly recommerxl that ^-ou send 
your produa using a traceable delivery mechod. Electronic Arcs is not responsible for prcxJuas 
not in Its possession. 


E-mail and Wiebsite: htip://techsu{^x>rt.ea,com 
Phone: (650) 628-i90O 


EiectrcHilc .Arts Cusccmer Warranty 

RO. Box 9025 

Redwood City, CA 94063-9025 


Electronic Arts reserves the right to mafce improvements in the produa destrihed m tiiis manual 
at anytime and without noUcc- This manual and the produa described in this manua! are 
copyrighted. All rights reserved. No part oF this manual mav be copied, reprtxiuced. translated, 
or reduced to any elearonic medium or machine readable Form without prior writtetT consent 
oF Eleananic Arcs. P.O. Box 9025. Redwood City. California 94063-9025, 

Need a Hint? Call the EA HINTS & INFORMATION HOTUNE for recorded hints, tips, and 

passwords 2A hours a day. 7 days a week! 

In the US. dial 900-329-HINT (4468). SI.99 per minute. 

In CANACW. diat 900-451-48r3. $1.99 (Canadian) per minute. 

IF you are under 18. be sure to get a parents permission before calling. Hotline requires 

a touch -tone telephone. Call length determined by user: average length is Four minutes. 

Messages subfea to char\ge without notice. 

TECHNICAL SUPPORT — IF you need technical assistafice with this prodtitt. call us at (650) 
628-4322 Monday through f-rlday between 830-11:45 AM or 100-4130 PM. Pacific Standard Time. 
No hints or codes are available From (650) 628-4322. You must call the EA HINTS & 
INFORVlATiON HOTLINE For hints, tips, or codes. 


E-mail and Website: htrp:// 

FTP Site: 

Mailing Address: Electronic Arts Technical Support 

PO Box 9025 

Redwood City CA 94063-90Z5 

IF you live outside oF the tJnited States, you can contact one oF our other ofTlces- 
In Australia, contact: )n the United Kingdom, contaa: 

Electronic Arts Pty, ted. Elearonic .Vts Ltd, 

RO. Box 432 PO. Box 181 

Southport Qld 4215. Australia Chertsey. KT16 OVL. UK 

Phone (08/0) 2432435 
In Australia: For Technical Support and Game Hints and Tips, phone the EA HOTUNE: 1 902 
261 600 (95 cents per mln.) CTS 7 days a week iO AM --8 PM. If vou arc under 18 years oF age 
parental consent required. 

Software & documentation © Z004 Electronic Arts Inc. Electronic Arts. EA. EA GAMES and 
the F.A GAMES logo are trademarks or registered trademarics of Electronic Arts Inc in the US. 
and/or otiier countries. All nghts reserved. All other irademarks are the property of their 
respective owners, L\ GAMES'" is an Electronic Arts^"-' brand, 

Microsoft Xbox and the Xbox Logos are either registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft 
Corporation in the US. and/or other countries and are used under license from Microsoft. 

t-WyjY POTTER and all related characters and elements are traderrwrits oF and 
© Warner Bros. Entertainment inc. Harry Potter Puttishing Rights © jKR 
WBIE LCXiO. WB SHIELD: ™ &. © Warner Bros. Encertainment Inc 

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Harry Poller and the Prisoner of Azkaban 


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